The size of lab furniture can be custom-made requested by customers.
Worktop: The worktop is based on the requirement of customers for lab furniture such as phenolic resin board, epoxy resin board or ceramic board. The edge of worktop will be treated specially to ensure its safety for human body.

Cabinet: The cabinet is made of high quality 1.0mm cold rolled sheet or galvanzied steel.The surface is treated by acid washing, phosphorization before coating by epoxy resin powder. The inside cabinet is equipped with adjustable setting for mobile layer. We can fill the sound insulation material into the inside door if it’s required by customer. The drawer is shaped once made of bending cold rolled sheets. It’s with excellent bearing capacity for the support of drawer. Mobile wheels are installed under the cabinet.

Handle: Stainless steel U-type handle or long handle shaped once made of steel.

Movable back panel: Movable and free dissembling structure which is convenient for checking water, electricity and gas pipe etc.

Movable layer: It’s with reinforcing rib inside to increase its bearing capacity to avoid deforming. It can be dissembled freely and the height can be adjusted.

Hinge: Using durable DTC 90 degree or 304 stainless steel hinge which can be used for long time.

Drawer sliding rail: Using 3-joints bearing drawer rail with noise reduction, it can ensure the full opening for the drawer with good bearing capacity and without deforming.


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